Saturday, September 20, 2008

What inspires you?

What inspires you?
As I get older I think I get more introspective. I am 40…what is it going to be like when I am 80? Let’s hope that I will be typing, or blogging, or at least talking to people then….

So the other day I went to the hospital to deliver bags of toys to kids. I try to take my turn with the delivery about once a month. This work is through a non-profit I have close ties to. I take the bags to the oncology floor, visit with a few nurses, meet one child and then head back to work. Reflecting on the visit as I drive back to work make me think of inspiration. So, a few words on inspiration.

I felt fortunate to feel a sense of inspiration that day and realized that some people may go through periods of their life where they are lacking inspiration. What inspired me that day? Sounds a little funny to say, but it was the sick child in the transfusion room. The child who had several tubes coming out of his arms, meters connected to him, and a worried mother close by. The child who smiled a smile a mile wide when he learned that a backpack with toys spilling out was for him, and him only!

Inspiration, I have learned, keeps me going. The little boy with cancer inspired me to want to help other kids….to continue with my volunteering. Inspiration can come in many different forms, and at unknown times.
Funny thing is that inspiration keeps me going…and makes me want to give more, praise more, live life…..

What inspires you…

Is it a person…a song….a beautiful day….an interaction….a discovery….a hard workout?
Whatever it is, I encourage you to look for it, name it, react to it…and then pass it on…..I am making that commitment to myself, and to you too…

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