Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am going to lose it....

What is it that I am going to lose you say? Are you wondering if I am going to say my mind, or better yet my virginity? Ok, I am not going to lose my mind, yet. And I lost my virginity....wait....I don't need to write about THAT. Suffice it to say that has been gone for a LONG time.

Are you we go. Today it is 3 weeks post Chicago Marathon. I had some nasty blisters on my left foot after I was finished. I thought that I might post a pic of the blister, but that is kind of gross. If you really want to see it, tell me and I will email it your way. After the event I did the proper draining, releasing the pressure and making sure that I used enough neosporin to ward off infection. I did all the right things. Well, I thought that I did.

So, tonight I was taking a bubble bath and I look down to my feet to see if I am ready for a pedicure yet. As it turns out, if I go for a pedicure they may give me a discount because they will only have 9 toenails to take care of.

Yes, I am losing a toenail...and I am bummed!

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