Monday, July 6, 2009

Is someone trying to tell me something?

Last week at the Farmers' Market, one of the vendors steps up to me and hands me an empty paper cup.  I comment that there is nothing in the cup as he finds his way behind his table. Noting that I am keenly observant, he asks me if I want orange juice or milk.  I take orange juice, wishing there was something else to add to the mix.  After I sip the OJ, I realize that he is from the local dairy, Royal Crest.  He asks me if I have my milk delivered.  I politely tell him that I do not drink milk.  A quizzical look came across his face and I quickly filled in the silence by saying that I drink soy.  Well, that was the wrong thing to say to the milk man!  He basically started telling me that I was going to die a quick death by consuming soy products, unless of course I was purchasing organic soy.  I started to cross step out of his tented area reassuring him that, of course I buy organic and thanking him for the delicious orange juice.  I did not place a standing order with the milk man.  
The following day I hear a truck outside my house.  I look outside to see, yes, you got it, the Royal Crest man.  I think that one of the neighbors must be getting a delivery.  Not more than a 1/2 a minute later my doorbell rings.  The milk man is at my door.  I look out and he asks me if I have my milk delivered.  I know not to bring up soy, so I respond in a kind manner that I am not interested.  
Ok, maybe the Royal Crest Dairy is hurting or maybe someone is telling me something.  Either way, I suppose I should find my calcium tablets....

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