Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can a girl have...

a quiet morning? 

After arriving home a little late from the baseball game, with a few glasses of wine in me I get an invitation to video chat with a friend out of state.  I happily accept the invitation because I like to chat, am interested in what's been going on in her world, and I am not ready for bed yet.  We discuss a few things including a difficult email trail she has been a part of and our respective running.  I ended the conversation finally committing to run the Rock and Roll Marathon with her in Phoenix.  Off line with her, I have to register for the race.  So, up a I am for a little while longer...and then I find something else to do....and then I find another friend to call....what am I thinking....oh yes, I am thinking just fine. This friend is traveling internationally so I am not waking anyone from precious sleep.  

Then it occurs to me.  Precious sleep.  I need some.  It's OMG, WHAT TIME.  Then I realize that I do not care about the time because I have NOTHING, not one thing do I have to do tomorrow.  Off to slumberland I go.  Not a place I visit often enough.  Sleeps alludes me, and rarely stays longer than 3 hours at a stretch.  

I am psyched when I look at the clock and it reads 6:00 AM.  I slept for over 4 hours. Wow, let's see how much longer I can go. I still feel pretty sleepy so this might just work.  It's cool outside, the windows are open, ceiling fan spinning, noise machine set to sound like rain....ahhh.....

Then it starts.  Someone has the brilliant idea of getting extra hours of hammering in on the construction site next door and the neighbor's dog starts to bark because he is, once again, left alone.  UGH....UGH...Just when I thought that I was going to get to sleep some more!  

So, up I get...start some chores, fix my wireless network again, and catch up on some emails and phone calls. Then I listen, it seems quiet.  Perhaps I should go visit my bed again, take a little mid-morning snooze. As I start to go in there I hear a new sound.  There is a band saw buzzing across the alley.  And that damn dog is now crying.  And the group of workers at the building next door has increased.  

So I decide to get my computer out and write.  Can you here that?  Right, it's NOTHING except for the fridge and a plane flying overhead.  Maybe, just maybe I will get to close my eyes again with the hopes of taking a little nap!  

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